Next-Generation API Testing Solution

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API test / Load Test / DevOps / APM / DEM

Key Features


Fully support HTTP(S)/HTTP2/WebSocket protocols, TCP/UDP/RPC and more protocols are coming soon.

Multiple Formats

Write test cases in YAML/JSON/Golang/Python format, and they are interchangeable.

Record & Generate

Generate test cases with HAR, Postman and Swagger. Smart reminder helps you write Golang/Python test cases easily.

Complex Scenarios

Supports variables/extract/validate/hooks mechanisms to create extremely complex test scenarios.

Load Test

No extra work is required when you want to run load tests. Supports 10,000+ QPS on one single machine, unlimited with distribution mode.

CLI / library

Download binary file and use it as a CLI tool. You can also import as a library in your Golang/Python projects.

Open Source

Open source under Apache-2.0 license.


Built-in rich functions, and you can also integrate custom functions with ease.

High Scalability

Develop API/Load test service have never been easier.


基于 HttpRunner 构建完整的自动化测试体系

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基于 HttpRunner 建设自动化测试平台

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使用 HttpRunner 实践接口自动化测试

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基于 HttpRunner 搭建接口自动化测试体系

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Commercial Support

Expert Service

Provide technical training & supporting.

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Provide full featured test services built on HttpRunner.

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Privatization deployment

Deploy SaaS service in privatization.

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Customized development

Develop customized features or plugins for your own needs.

Global environment

Schedule your test cases to run on 5000+ edge devices worldwide, obtain real network link performance data.

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Intelligent analysis

Analyze your test results with advanced analysis tools.

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